As the core part of our body that is under constant stress and strain, it’s little wonder that many people, at some point in their lives, experience or develop back pain. Specifically, there are a host of things that can lead to back pain. Here are some of the most common.

  • Those people who sit behind a desk for most of their days are at serious risk for back problems due to poor posture. It’s therefore imperative that desk-bound individuals ensure they have a proper-fitting chair (ergonomic, preferably) that keeps their back straight while sitting. Additionally, it’s important that desks and tables are at an appropriate height, which will reduce stress on the muscles of the back and prevent acute or chronic pain.
  • Another cause of back pain is sleeping on a mattress that isn’t providing the correct amount of support. Old mattresses have lumps and divots that put strain on the back, so experts recommend foam varieties that mold themselves to the individual and provide sufficient support for every part of the body.
  • A poor diet often leads to an unhealthy body weight, putting undue strain on our backs and leading to numerous problems. Obesity especially can be blamed for back problems. So it’s important to maintain a proper body weight and ensure you’re getting the proper vitamins and minerals that help keep bones strong.
  • A sedentary lifestyle—one lacking in an appropriate amount of exercise and physical activity—too often means an unhealthy gaining of weight (see above.) Exercise, aside from helping maintain a healthy weight, keeps bones strong and joints and ligaments flexible. Indeed, often stiffness and pain in the back are signs of insufficient physical activity and a lack of exercise.
  • Women who have larger than normal breasts often experience pain in their lower backs due to the constant strain their lower center of gravity affords. It’s important therefore that they wear a bra that gives proper support and keeps their center of gravity in a normal placement.
  • Carrying a bag that is too heavy on a regular basis can lead to serious pain as the majority of the weight is supported by the back. Therefore carry only light bags for long periods of the time and stop carrying the bag if you feel any amount of strain on your back.
  • It’s no great secret that smoking is detrimental to all aspects of one’s health. Now, studies are proving that smoking can also have an effect on the back as well.
  • For those suffering from long-term chronic depression or who lead overly stressful lives, back pain may become an unfortunate reality. It’s therefore vital to speak with a physician about depression or stress and how those realities may be leading to or exacerbating back pain.
  • Lastly, be sure you’re wearing appropriate shoes that fit correctly and support the arches of the feet. High heel shoes are particularly notorious for causing back problems and should be avoided when possible.