When it comes to talk of spine surgery and lasers, it may be hard to know what’s true and what’s false. Indeed, advertising professionals touting the amazing abilities of lasers as part of spine surgery have done their job well in convincing the public that these are miracle machines capable of fixing all your back problems quickly and easily. But there are many important elements that have been left out of their marketing campaigns.

To begin with, although lasers may be utilized in certain surgeries involving the spine and back, they are simply instruments like anything else found in an operating room. Indeed, in many cases of spine surgery lasers aren’t even used at all, and when they are used they don’t necessarily make a surgery easier, faster or safer nor do they although patients to heal more quickly or experience less pain and discomfort after a procedure. Simply stated, whereas lasers have proven to be of advantage in many types of surgery, for spine procedures they don’t give any sort of advantage over other types of instruments.

If you’re still unclear about the truth versus myth debate regarding laser spine surgery, it’s important to speak directly with a physician or surgeon such as Dr. Rustamzadeh, who will gladly discuss with patients the absolute fiction behind the “miracle” of the laser in spinal surgery.