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Shirley I.

I had a significant spinal surgery on June 5, 2023, and I have already returned to full-time work for several months. This is very impressive since I am nearly 80 years old! Dr. Edward Rustamzadeh also known as Dr. R is the surgeon who did my surgery and is the surgeon to see if you need spine surgery!

He is #1 surgeon around, and is excellent in what he does. Nicole Saito, his office manager, is very knowledgeable and helpful with patient care before and after your surgery. She answered all of my questions. She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Thank you Dr. R for the great surgery you did!

Jacques Durand

It has been now 6 years that I underwent cervical surgery with Dr. Rustamzadeh (Jan 2018), vertebrae C2-C3 fusion. I already gave quite a positive review 6 years ago, but as an engineer I tend to judge solutions over a long enough time. I am pleased to confirm the impeccable job Dr. Rustamzadeh did on my cervicals. I totally forgot about this surgery: everything is fine as of today, like nothing happened – no sequels of any kind. I am glad I had the luck to get this surgeon, as a medical personnel at the hospital hinted at me back then.

Shirley I.
I had a significant spinal surgery on June 5, 2023, and I have already returned to full-time work forseveral months. This is very impressive since I am nearly 80 years old! Dr. Edward Rustamzadeh alsoknown as Dr. R is the surgeon who did my surgery and is the surgeon to see if you need spine surgery!He is #1 surgeon around, and is excellent in what he does. Nicole Saito his office manager is veryknowledgeable and helpful with patient care before and after your surgery. She answered all of myquestions. She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Thank you Dr. R for the great surgeryyou did!
Robert Friedman
Yes, Dr. Rustamzadeh is a great surgeon and a really nice man. Everyone in his office treats you like an honored guest.
Noyemik Davidian

Dr. Rustamzadeh is an absolute miracle worker. My husband recently underwent spinal fusion surgery under his care, and the results have been nothing short of life-changing. From the moment we walked into the clinic to the post-operative check-ups, the entire staff was incredibly compassionate, efficient, and professional. Dr. R’s skill and expertise are truly unmatched. Not only did he successfully address my husband’s spinal issues, but he did so with utmost precision and care. The facility was impeccably maintained, we felt very comfortable and trusted the entire process. We couldn’t be happier with the treatment he received. Dr. R comes highly recommended in our book; he’s a true lifesaver!

Nini Adamian

We cannot thank Dr. Rustamzadeh enough for the remarkable job he did when performing surgery on my father-in-law. The entire experience, from start to finish, was absolutely seamless and filled with expertise and care. Our family is beyond thrilled with the results, and we owe it all to Dr. Rustamzadeh’s exceptional skills and dedication. We actually reside in Los Angeles but traveled to San Jose as we did not trust anyone else for the type of surgery my FIL needed.

We were understandably anxious about the surgery my father-in-law needed. He instantly put our minds at ease with his warm, compassionate demeanor. He took the time to explain the procedure in detail, addressing all of our concerns, and patiently answering all of our questions. His communication was clear and thorough, making us feel confident and well-informed throughout the process.

Dr. Rustamzadeh’s team was efficient, and the hospital staff was incredibly supportive. The professionalism and attention to detail were evident at every step, creating a sense of trust and security. We felt like we were in the best possible hands.

My father-in-law’s mobility and quality of life have improved tremendously. Dr. Rustamzadeh’s expertise and precision were truly outstanding. The surgery was a resounding success, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Dr. Rustamzadeh continued to provide post-surgery care that was just as exceptional as the surgery itself. He closely monitored my FIL’s progress and made adjustments as necessary, ensuring the best possible recovery. His commitment to his patients’ well-being is unwavering.

Our experience with Dr. Rustamzadeh was nothing short of extraordinary. He is a top-notch orthopedic surgeon who combines skill, knowledge, and compassion in a way that is truly remarkable. We are forever grateful for his expertise and the positive impact he has had on our family. We wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Rustamzadeh for the best results and a seamless, stress-free experience.

Roza Y

For over 20 years I have suffered from a severe case of scoliosis. Over the 20 year period I have visited many doctors who recommended I DO NOT go under surgery because they believed I would be paralyzed or worse. over time, my breathing became difficult because my organs (lungs, kidneys, etc) were twisted dramatically as a result of the severe curvature of my spine (65 degrees). I originally was 5’9 but over time I eventually ended up being 5’5 and lost 4 inches and was hunched over. The quality of my life became extremely poor and I completely lost desire for everything. Everyone who knows me and would see me would feel extremely sad for me….. But then God blessed me with Dr. Rustamzadeh. My surgery was performed over a 2 day period! As of today after my recovery; I gained few inches, walk straight, breathe normal, and got my life back. God bless Dr.R!

Susan R.
Where to begin…….I had terrible sciatica! After physical therapy, injections, pills and other things that brought no relief; I found Dr. Rustamzadeh . He performed an outpatient surgery and 1 day later; I walked 3 miles. I was 69 years old at the time. I had a car accident injury in 2000 that broke my neck and crushed 2 discs in my neck. Last year 2022 I started having pain and found out the old surgery needed some stabilization. So, Dr. R. performed what needed to be done. Today 2/02/2023; 90 days later my neck brace is off and everything is great. I would never have a procedure with anyone else. He is the best!!!! His staff is great too.
Gerri B.

When I hobbled into Dr. Rustamzadah’s office I was so fearful of the prospect of surgery. My first impression was his nurse who was so awesome! She put me at ease with her calm and friendly manner. After meeting Dr. Rustamzadeh, I was now looking forward to surgery! One week later I was walking, upright, without a cane. It was so amazing! I will forever be grateful for his brilliant mind and excellent abilities.

Eric A.

Dear Potential Patients,
I am writing to highly recommend Dr. Rustamzadeh for his life changing work in performing a back fusion surgery at the L5-S1 and SI joint. As a former Kaiser patient , I spent almost a year being misdiagnosed and having ineffective epidural and steroid injections just to be told there was nothing that could be done for me and I had to accept my current condition. I was a healthy 47 year old who had been relocated to a wheelchair due to painful spasms that were life altering and no one had a clue on what was wrong with me or how to treat my condition. After experiencing some dark days I found Dr R and he was able to diagnose me within minutes and laid out a clear plan to be able to fix my troublesome lower back. I can attest to his expertise, his professionalism, and his amazing assistant Nicole who helped me navigate some difficult times.

Dr R performed an anterior lumbar interbody fusion @ L5-S1 surgery that was highly successful, resulting in a significant improvement in my quality of life and I am able to walk, move and participate in life again. Throughout the entire process, Dr. R demonstrated outstanding medical knowledge, excellent surgical skills, and exceptional bedside manner.
In addition, Dr. R was always available to answer any questions and concerns that I or my family had, providing personalized care and attention that went above and beyond the call of duty. His attention to detail, thoroughness, and compassionate approach truly set him apart as an outstanding healthcare professional.

I highly recommend Dr. R without hesitation for any future patients in need of back fusion surgery. He is an exceptional surgeon who truly cares about their patients and is committed to providing the highest quality of care.

Eric Alfaro 

Marina Albanese

Years of neck & shoulder pain GONE after surgery by Dr. R! He’s brilliant and takes good care of his patients. I was skeptical but happy with the results. His staff, N8cole, is awesome@

~Marina Albanese

Natalie Ann

First of all, I don’t understand why there’s not 5 star rating. I was suffering from horrible middle back pain and I couldn’t do my usual activities, I could never get comfortable or pain free ever. I was so angry and annoyed everyday, I didn’t even want to talk to anyone not even my family, just very agitated. When he found out what was the problem which was multilevel thoracic herniated discs. The doctor told me if I didn’t get surgery then I would end up paralyzed. The herniated discs were compressing against my spinal cord meaning I had numbness, tingling down my arms and legs, I could barely hold onto anything anymore, very shaky hands, burning back pain non stop. The doctor was very straight forward with what he had to do which I loved because all the doctors I’ve been to said “oh there’s nothing wrong, you don’t need an MRI, it’s all in your head, just sugar coat everything” this doctor is awesome. Very straight forward, caring, listens etc. The doctor did disc removal and then did spinal fusion to stabilize my spine. I was terrified when the doctor told my mom and I what was going on and that I had to have surgery. I did not know what to say, just very shocked and I’m sure the doctor knew how I was feeling. The doctor was very patient, caring and kind to me when I didn’t say anything or I didn’t know what to say. The moment I first met the doctor I instantly knew he was the right doctor. I am happier now, not in pain anymore, I can live my life smiling. He gave me my life back, and as much as I thank the doctor, I hope he knows how much I appreciate him. He definitely didn’t treat me like another “case”he treated me like any doctor should treat their patient which is with concern, patience, respect, and kindness. Now Nicole is kind, caring, patient and funny. She got my surgery date and everything approved and set up within 10 days. I never had staff and a doctor who is this amazing. Again thank you!!

~Natalie Lawson

Vanessa E.
Had lumbar fusion done in 2012 from Dr. Edward Rustamzadeh. Today in 2022 I have to say I’m still going strong thank you for taking such good care of me in my time of need.
John Shimun
He is a brilliant, professional, and excellent surgeon. My mother is an 80-year-old woman who had successful back surgery. There was no pain afterwards and no complications. 2 weeks later my mother was able to walk pain free, and it’s been 4 weeks and still no pain. My mother highly recommend Dr Rustamzadeh, he gave my mothers life back.
Big Moose
I got an ALIF 360 spinal fusion on 3 levels done by Dr.R. This is the first review I’ve ever written about anything but felt a strong need to do so! I haven’t felt this good in over 8 years I was a complete wreck I couldn’t walk for to long, sit for to long, lift anything, or do anything without pain in my lower back my life was miserable…. I had exhausted all other options I did everything from physical therapy, to chiropractic, 8 rounds of injections in my back and nothing gave me any kind of long term relief, I heard about Dr.R gave him a call got an MRI done and he didn’t sugar coat anything he said “ your back is in bad shape and this is what you need done” so I went for it and now 8 months later I feel like a completely new man “ I HAVE NO PAIN ANYMORE” I can do anything!! At the most I’ll get a little soar but that’s it. Dr.R is a God Send
Bita Hamidi
I can not express what a great experience I had so far, Dr Rustamzadeh is very knowledgeable and caring. He took time to explain to me whats going on and answered all of my questions. Office manager Nicole also is super awesome very nice and helpful. Highly recommended.
Patti Lou
I love the ppl that work for The Doctor and as for Dr Rustamzadehhe is the Best Surgeonwiththe Best follow up care my 1st Surgeon let the ball dropthe follow up care was non existent but when Isaw Dr Rustamzadeh he showed what it meant to be taken care of during and after the surgery I’m sad because Ineed another surgery but was told by his office he no longer takes my insurance (Medicaid) I’m not sure he even takes my Medicare no matter what he is still the Best to me thank you all for such Excellent Care Patti
Yogi Bear
Thank you Dr rustamzadeh
How should I start,
Well, due to having lots of bad experience with other doctors, I begged my MD to send me to best
Neurologist. He referred me to dr rustamzadeh. Dr rustamzadeh did everything right. 2 days after I got a call from dr rustamzadeh, his exact words, looks like we got to the bottom of your problem . I went to his office. He was Happy and caring . Anyway it’s been 2 months since my surgery, done by dr rustamzadeh .
I have been feeling progress since 8 days ago. Still way to go but much better than past 4 years.
My personal opinion base on experience, dr rustamzadeh is professional and caring.
And his assistant Nicole. She is great and caring .
Faramarz Farsheedi
Huyen N.

What can I say, this man is God gift to the world. I got an injury on my neck years ago and not until now when the pain is unbearable I went to see Dr “R” (that’s the name everyone call him). Years of chiropractors, physical therapy would not solve my problem.

Call Dr “R” office the first time, they suggested that I go to do an MRI first before even attempt to see him. They cut through the red tape and did things the most efficient way.

After my MRI scan, I scheduled and sent Dr “R” my scans . Within a week I went to see him. He studied my scans and discussed options with me. I insisted that I want surgery as chiropractors and physical therapy did not help me much.

His office took care of working with my insurance and within 3 weeks he was able to do the surgery for me. I got disc replacement for C3-C4 plus disc fusion for C5-C6. The pain was gone, my neck movement was unaffected, I feel like a new person.

Thank you Dr “R” and your staffs. You’re a jewel of humanity!

Marlene I.
Dr. Edward Rustamzadeh… where should I start? First off, I came to see Dr. Rustamzadeh all the way from Austin, Texas because I found him through my own research and he was one of the top 3 neurosurgeons in San Jose. I was desperate for answers after seeing no improvement from a failed L5-S1 Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) in Austin just 7 months prior. I continued to have debilitating pain that the surgeon continued to dismiss as just inflammation or sacroiliitis. He kept sending me to pain management for injections or physical therapy. The physical therapist told me that he was not comfortable continuing to care for me when there was something obviously wrong and encouraged me to seek another opinion. So, I began my research and found Dr. Rustamzadeh. I first flew out to see him on February 23, 2021. He reviewed all of my imaging and medical records, and most importantly, he did a thorough clinical examination. He asked me a variety of questions which he basically knew the answers from examining me. I was SHOCKED because FINALLY someone actually understood the pain and the challenges I was going through. He knew what was wrong with me, and he could fix it. He told me that unfortunately I had been misdiagnosed in Austin and that the previous surgery that was done was not what I needed all along. Instead of an L5-S1 ALIF, I needed an L5-S1 Posterior Pelvic Fixation which would address my Sacroiliac Joint Pain. I was in tears as I heard the news. Dr. Rustamzadeh was extremely compassionate and very supportive. He told me that he would take great care of me and get me back on the right road to recovery. I felt many emotions when I got the news but one of them was definitely relief to have a clear diagnosis and a treatment plan to move forward and get better. Nicole, Dr. Rustamzadeh’s medical assistant, quickly began all the paperwork with my insurance and hospitals to get me in to surgery. The communication and level of involvement from his office has been excellent. I had my surgery with Dr. Rustamzadeh on March 12th at El Camino Hospital. Everything went very well, and I was up and walking a lot the next day because I was feeling so much better already than before. At my 3-week follow up appointment he removed all the staples and told me that I looked like a completely different person. Three months later, I am walking A LOT. I now stand up straight instead of doing a crab walk. I can sit on the floor again and play with my daughter, and I’m slowly returning to doing the things that I wasn’t able to do before and after my failed ALIF. Dr. R recently cleared me to start Physical Therapy, and I will be doing that for the next 12 weeks. It’s a very long recovery when you have this kind of spinal fusion, but this time around hasn’t been so bad because I’ve been 95% pain-free!!! I am BEYOND THANKFUL for everything that Dr. Rustamzadeh and his staff has done for me. He has given me my quality of life back, after I had started to lose hope. I’m now living a pain-free life, and it’s only because of Dr. Rustamzadeh and his expertise. If you are in doubt about your situation, I would strongly recommend that you give his office a call and find a way to come see him. I am so happy and so blessed to have found him. I will definitely visit him again if the need arises.
Jan P.
I was referred to Dr. Rustamzadeh by a family friend who recently underwent a successful complex spine surgery. Besides that, I went online to gather additional information about Dr. Rustamzadeh through others’ reviews from different websites. Based on the referral and many positive reviews, I decided to make a trip to his office for a consultation.
After being given a thorough explanation of my spine problems and what can be done to relieve the symptoms, I set up the date for my spine surgery without hesitance. There was no intraoperative event. Tha pain management regimen that Dr. Rustamzadeh prescribed for me, for post-op and for discharge, was well beyond my needs.
My pain, numbness, and tingling sensation have gone away; my strength has been back to normal now (about 1 month post-op). I couldn’t be happier choosing Dr. Rustamzadeh as the surgeon to fix my spine problems and the related symptoms. He possesses great skills, honesty and professionalism that one would search into for a great surgeon.
Emily B.
I thought no one can help my back pain after two surgeries. This doctor will fix problems from previous wrong surgery. I would recommend Rustamzadeh to anyone who suffers same problem.
Randall P.
I went to Dr. Rustamzadeh for a 2nd opinion and quickly realized he was the surgeon I needed to fix my C3 & C7 even though his office was an hour away. He is direct and to the point during your appointment, but i left knowing more about my situation (and how he’d fix it). In that one short appointment than in 2 prior meetings with a local surgeon.
My surgery went exactly as planned and my recovery has been quick.
Because of my experience, we brought my mother-in-law down from Vancouver WA for a consultation. She had tried for 18 months to get someone in her area to treat her lower back pain, without success. Dr. Rustamzadeh reviewed her charts, diagnosed the problem in minutes and had her in surgery within 10 days. Two months after her surgery, she can now walk upright..no longer needing a wheel chair, no longer needing her walker, and no longer needing pain medication.
Dan E.

I’m 47 and played many sports in my youth which contributed to my bulging discs (L4-L5 & L5-S1). Because of this I changed my lifestyle at 35 and eliminated running so that I could avoid anything drastic like surgery on my back. Well it finally happened where my disc pinched off my sciatic nerve and my left leg was numb for 3 weeks. Dr. Rustamzadeh recommended a minimally invasive procedure to remove this disc bulge. I was scared out of my mind but decided it was the best course of action.

The discectomy took 50 minutes and I was able to go home that day. Immediately the numbness was gone! I looked up several post-op Youtube videos from around the country to see what to expect and a lot of people gave mixed reviews on pain levels so again, I was scared. i felt amazing for the first two days, post-op, but waited to see how i’d feel after all the anesthesia left my body. I had zero pain down my leg and the incision didn’t hurt much at all. I was off all narcotic pain medication by the 4th day and was able to move around very well. Obviously not lifting, twisting or bending but sitting was no problem and there were no complications. By day 8 I took a 4 hour car ride without any pain!

It’s now week 3 and had the metal staples removed and still feeling great. PT starts in another month and I’m now able to lift 10-15lbs with no bandages or back braces. VERY happy with how things have progressed.

As for Dr. Rustamzadeh, my family is in medicine and we did extensive background checks and referrals and everyone said he was the best technical neurosurgeon around and that I would be in the best hands. He was very thorough in explaining the procedure and what post-op would be for me and answered everyone of my questions. He made me feel comfortable in the office and in the OR right before my procedure. He really cares about his patients.

Additionally, the staff in his office were very caring and truly helpful as I had to deal with insurance. Nicole immediately responded to every email and question and treated me like family which helped me during my pre-surgery anxiety.

I highly recommend Dr. Rustamzadeh for anyone suffering from back pain. You want to see a Dr. that has reviews like this because I was scared and now I’m happier than I’ve been in years with how my back feels!

Dean D.
I had a back fusion about 3 and a half weeks ago by Dr. Rustamzadeh, and I couldn’t be more happier. I didn’t have any disc on my left side which left me with a lot of pain, so Dr Rustamzadeh suggested I have a back fusion, because my bones were rubbing against each other like sand paper, and i was walking with a limp. Now after having the surgery, i no longer walk with a limp and my progress with my healing is going well. I highly recommend this procedure if anyone is going through what i went through. Dr Rustamzadeh listened to all my questions, and was very prompt is responding with all my questions. His staff in the hospital were great, very comforting and generally concerned about me as a person, even Nicole who helps runs the office, and is very caring, and answers any questions I have, before and after my surgery. I couldn’t have asked for a better Neuro surgeon than Dr Rustamzadeh. Sincerely Dean Drinnin
JoAnn A.

I had been living (if you want to call it living) with excruciating back pain for 5 years. It was to the point I couldn’t drive, I needed help to walk and even get out of bed. I was terrified at the thought of back surgery. I kept putting it off, getting multiple epidural injections that were only a short term relief. Band aids that stopped helping. Once decided that I needed to have surgery I was nervous and full of questions. Dr Rustamzadeh was so helpful. He answered all my questions, went over everything in great detail and completely calmed all my worries. His staff were so helpful and seriously Nicole is the best!!! I would recommend Dr Rustamzadeh to anyone who needs spine surgery. I am 2 months post op and I’m WALKING 2 miles a day!!!!! It’s been a miracle and has given me my life back. Thank you Dr Rustamzadeh for truly changing my life.

Rose S.
Dr. Rustamzadeh changed my life. I lived in Mississippi all of my life. I have severe scoliosis and have been disabled since 2011 because of severe back pain. I went to doctors all over Mississippi and Tennessee trying to find a dr to help me but nobody could. I moved out here to California and met with a new dr. Her first words to me was “you need surgery”. She sent me to Dr R. I had surgery March 14 and 16 of this year (2018). Since then I feel amazing! I am working for the first time in 7 years. I am pain free. I recommend him to everyone I talk to. Thank you Dr. Rustamzadeh for everything!
Jacques D.
It has been now 7 months since my C2-C3 cervical fusion after an accident with fracture. I wrote a first review just a month after, telling good things about how the surgery went and how efficient Dr.R has been, but that I should wait more to see how the recovery was going before claimimg victory. Well, my first impression was confirmed. Dr. R has done great quality work on my cervicals. I am completing round of physical therapy to recover neck movement, and it is going quite well. That is where I got further hints that my surgery was very well done. My therapists were expecting me to show some pain, but I never had any. I have been travelling around the world for work and leisure, did lot of swimming and snorkeling, and back from camping & hiking the Californian sierra. So far can do everything I could before, and do not think about it. I consider myself fortunate to have had him for surgery. My little two cents for patients: if you take calcium+vitD supplements, consider taking also vit K2.
Robert F.
I am writing this review because I recently, April 2, 2018, had spinal fusion surgery performed by Dr. Edward Rustamzadeh. I read that he was voted one of America’s top 100 surgeons.
I must admit though, that I was very frightened at the prospect of having spine surgery and of having several discs removed and then spinal fusion. I had heard all the stories of surgical failures and the pain you had to endure the rest of your life. However, after all of the apprehension and fear, I did have the operation, and although it initially was very painful for a few days, I am so glad that I did it.
Now, July 29th I am pain free. Dr. Rustamzadeh did a wonderful job. He is a neurosurgeon, and his specialties are back and brain surgeries!
He had me walking 2 miles a day within a week after rehab. Before the surgery, I had trouble walking to the bathroom – it was so painful.I recommend Dr. Rustamzadeh, as he is a very skilled and compassionate surgeon, and he is very understanding of your fears and your pain. His assistant Nicole is truly a wonderful, caring and very encouraging person; and she is very happy to answer all your questions and reassure you that the doctor can help you.
I recommend Dr. Rustamzadeh very highly, but who ever you choose, please choose a neurosurgeon for the procedure. Although Orthopedic surgeons are great for replacing joints (hips, knees, elbows etc.) it is my understanding that their surgical training for the back is limited – about a year. Most orthopedic surgeons don’t even attempt back surgery, as it is a very intricate and delicate type of surgery. Dr. Rustamzadeh’s training included 7 years for the back besides his specialty as a brain surgeon. After having had several painful surgeries in my life, I was most concerned about my back, with which I had suffered for 17 years of progressive pain until I could barely walk.
I know that the prospect of back surgery is a very frightening one for most people. However, after my recent experience with spine surgery, and the now enormous relief of pain it is a testament to this surgeon’s skill. My surgery included L2,3,4,5 and 4 vertebrae were fused – yes surgery is painful – for a few days, but the difference in pain relief is nothing short of miraculous. I walk 2 miles every day without a cane, or any assistive device. A year from now, I believe my back problem will be nothing but a memory. So, if you are suffering and in pain, I strongly recommend Dr. Rustamzadeh 5 stars!
Bob G.
Dr. Rustamzadeh fused my 3,4,5 & 6 cervical vertebrae for me. I was beginning to lose feeling and strength in my arms and experiencing more severe neck pain. This was all related to having managed 12 years without surgery after damaging my 3,4 & 6 vertebrae neck in roll over crash. I am very pleased with the result, I have no pain and much improved neck motion now. I recommend the GOOD Doctor and his great office staff to everyone who asks.
Jeffrey F.
Dr. Rustamzadeh performed a double spinal fusion on my neck in September of 2018 at O’Connor Hospital. I am very pleased with the surgery outcome and the staff at O’Connor..i have had six joint replacements and another spinal fusion before this by other doctors, so this is not my first rodeo. Dr. Rustamzadeh did a great job with the surgery and his office was a great help to me getting everything organized and in a timely manner. Thank you to all.
Barbara W.
I was diagnosed in 2004 with Syringomyelia in my thoracic area and needing a shunt placed with 2 laminectomy. I am very fortunate to have had Dr. Rustamzadeh perform my surgery. He was beyond qualified without his expertise as a surgical resident at the University of Minnesota I truly feel I would have had irreversible damage to my spinal cord. I will be forever thankful to him. Barbara W.
June L.
Excellent Dr. and Surgeon. After many years of pain and being unable to function well, due to problems in my lower spine, (L5/S1), I feel great!
He is extremely knowledgeable and able to quickly understand and explain to you what needs to be done. Then he makes it happen!
Christina E.

When I was told I had to have three discs fused in my neck (C2, 3 & 4) I immediately panicked. I did not want this surgery, but had no choice. I’d heard horror stories about fusions and many told me the results would not be good, I would always have discomfort and neck pain.

WRONG, thanks to Dr. Rustamzadeh.

I’ve had many unrelated surgeries due to other medical conditions, and I must say THIS surgery was by far the easiest. I had ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN OR DISCOMFORT (other than wearing a temporary brace!). The results were amazing, I have no neck pain, I can do all the things I love to do (kayaking, climbing, boating, working in garden….)

If you need a great Neuro Surgeon, this is the man to see. His office staff is great and incredibly helpful as well. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to this wonderful doctor. So don’t put it off, go see him, he is the BEST.

Ton H.
Back in July, I hurt myself lifting a very heavy object. I had an unbearable radiating leg pain that caused me not able to sit, sleep, or walk. I had a hard time getting out of bed and standing up in the morning. While everyone else was sitting and eating at the table, I had to stand up and eat. This had been going on for more than 3 months. From the pain level between 1 – 10. Mine was always at 8 or 9. The pain started from the back of my right hip, glute, thigh, back of my knee, and down to my calf and Achille area. First, I thought I had injured my IT band but the MRI showed that I had a herniated disc between my L5-S1. My orthopedic referred me to a spinal surgeon, he scheduled me for surgery right away.
A day after the surgery, I noticed that the radiating pain in my leg was almost gone. I was able to sit, sleep, and walk like a normal person again.
It’s now been a little over 8 weeks post-surgery. My mobility is getting better every day. Even though I am on a weight restriction, no lifting anything more than 10 lbs. But I am feeling great!
The reason I am sharing this with you all because most people, especially men, don’t realize that extreme leg pain has something to do with a lower back injury. I would recommend having it checked early and don’t wait for months and months as I did. I have never had any kind of surgery in my life. This was my 1st surgery ever, and I was extremely nervous about it. However, it was sooooo worth it. It’s probably the most minimally invasive spinal surgery there is. I walked in and walked out the same day. I am now able to live a normal life again.
Charles (Chuck) Lomanto
My name is Charles (Chuck) Lomanto I have had four previous spine surgeries since 2008 and with every one I was not getting any relief finally in 2019 I was referred to Dr. Rustamzadeh and within a week I was admitted to the hospital for to repair my cervical spine and to undo the damage from the surgery done to me by one of the Monterey surgeons that was supposed to be so good but has caused me to be partially crippled and on November 23 of 2020 DR. Rustamzadeh did another repair on my neck too return my balance I am now recuperating and doing very well I can walk and enjoy my self again. I recommend Dr. Rustamzadeh
To anyone who has spine or back issues I have visited many Doctors from Stanford to Monterey county and he is by far the very best He is up front with his patients and tells you like it is . and his office staff is great they are polite and efficient and are always willing to help.. In my opinion he is the best brain and spine surgeon in central California
I can not EXPRESS enough about the Professionalism and desire to go above and beyond what is expected! I was referred to Dr. R from Dr. Harwoods office in MH. Together Dr. R with his assistant Nicole and Dr. Harwood with his assistant Melissa teamed up with an incredible effort to almost perform what I consider a miracle. For 3 years I’ve been dealing with severe lower back and leg pain. It got to wear I could hardly walk and was getting increasingly worse. It got so bad I started losing the use of my left leg and the pain from trying to deal with it and the insurance company started to take its toll. I can’t tell you the thoughts of hopelessness and just plain giving up! Well Dr.R and Nicole put in to the insurance for surgery which included Pelvic Fusion. Going in from front and rear. (The DrR. Special) and replacing discs . Mayor surgery! When expedited the insurance tried to refuse surgery by saying “We know he’s in pain it’s been 3 years. We are not going to expedite it!” That did not go over well with Nichole and DR R. I don’t know how they did it but they did. Now the problem is with the Covid 19 they were not doing surgeries unless considered an emergency ! After a few calls were made Nicole called and said one more hurdle and we will be cleared for surgery. Which I thought no way is it gonna happen! I got a a call on Wednesday saying Surgery is approved for 5 am Saturday. The day of surgery I was rolled in to my room after surgery and asked if I wanted to try standing? I stood and walked for the first time with little to no pain. Yes I was still in meds from surgery. Forward 1 1/2 months later. I no longer walk with any limp from back pain. I’m still healing and yes there is some pain but it’s a totally different pain from my body healing and building muscle again. DR. R, Nicole, Dr. Harwood (Best ortho around!) and Melissa I can say with sincerity and gratitude Thank you, you all saved my life. I will update this review as my recovery and experience with Dr. R office! I RECOMMEND 100% but if you don’t put in the work to your recovery then I don’t know if you want Dr. R. because being a great Dr. he will hold you accountable and expects you to work at your recovery! No sugar coating here! I LOVE IT!
Bob A.
My experience with Dr. Rustamzadeh and his office staff has been nothing but spectacular. I broke my neck boogie boarding and need a neurosurgeon. Dr. R was recommended by my primary care doctor. So far, after having fusion surgery I am still thrilled with the care and service I have received. They have been extremely response to my multiple calls and emails about my needs. Thanks Dr R, Nicole and staff for making this as easy as possible.
My lucky day when Dr. Edward Rustamzadeh became my doctor.
I went to the ER of Good Sam with pain on my left side and having trouble bending, etc. Dr. Rustamzadeh was the neurosurgeon on call. When he saw my cat scan he came into talk to me. He said I needed to have surgery done – that my neck was bad. I liked him immediately and felt it was my lucky day to have him operate on me. Neck surgery is kind of scary with all the nerves, etc. The day of the surgery I met one of the other doctors that would be helping him and was very impressed with him as well. He went over all that would be happening. The operating room was really something. Four huge monitors and very high tech. The operation was a success (it’s been one month now)… and I am so lucky to have had this doctor. He is awesome!!!!!
Magical man
I just had my staples removed by Dr. Rustamzadeh for my L1/l2 stenosis repair. The surgery is healed up and the debilitating symptoms in my legs, back, & hips are completely gone! The nurses, clerical staff and anathesiaologist all raved about him before and after my surgery, and you can add me to that list. This is the third spine surgery I had with Dr. Rustamzadeh: he repaired a lumbar stenosis back in 2014, and repaired three badly staph-damaged lumbar vertebrae from a botched lumbar decompression operation in 2008 (by another surgeon) in an 8-hr operation in 2015. I was in considerable pain for 7 years and was taking 5 percocets a day. After that lengthy repair I went down to ½ a day, and sometimes none. Rustamzadeh does what he says and says what he does. He diagnosed my problems correctly every time, said that he could fix them, and then proceeded to do just that. The man is a miracle worker!
Really saved my life, the best Spine Dr. ever I rate him a 5+
neck surgery
I had a broken vertebrae (C2), that was misdiagnosed at the emergency room as “stable”, although I could feel a loose bone that did not seem to be there before. Dr. Rustamzadeh reviewed my CT scan on Dec 31, spotted the issue immediately, he saw me Jan 2 in spite of a busy schedule, and 8 days later performed a fusion (C2-C3) . Everything went well. Although I am not qualified to judge his work especially just 1 month after surgery, several things tell me that I was fortunate to be directed to Dr. R. by my worker comp insurance. The personnel of the hospital seemed to have a very positive reaction when they learned who did my surgery. Dr. R. is quite well known there and respected. Dr.R. is quite efficient, straight to the point, a keen sense of time management yet careful to explain & answer questions. His administrative staff is helpful and welcoming.
He Saved my life. Outstanding Doctor/Surgeon
Omg! What a great doctor/Surgeon he is. Suffering from spinal pain for over 2 years that no other doctors were able to find. Had been to several doctors, had so many MRIs done but no one was able to determine my problem. Dr Rustamzadeh is literally a God for me. My life savor. Many thanks to him and his wonderful staff!!!
Five Stars
Straightforward and get the job done with no problem

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