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Ton H.
Back in July, I hurt myself lifting a very heavy object. I had an unbearable radiating leg pain that caused me not able to sit, sleep, or walk. I had a hard time getting out of bed and standing up in the morning. While everyone else was sitting and eating at the table, I had to stand up and eat. This had been going on for more than 3 months. From the pain level between 1 – 10. Mine was always at 8 or 9. The pain started from the back of my right hip, glute, thigh, back of my knee, and down to my calf and Achille area. First, I thought I had injured my IT band but the MRI showed that I had a herniated disc between my L5-S1. My orthopedic referred me to a spinal surgeon, he scheduled me for surgery right away.
A day after the surgery, I noticed that the radiating pain in my leg was almost gone. I was able to sit, sleep, and walk like a normal person again.
It’s now been a little over 8 weeks post-surgery. My mobility is getting better every day. Even though I am on a weight restriction, no lifting anything more than 10 lbs. But I am feeling great!
The reason I am sharing this with you all because most people, especially men, don’t realize that extreme leg pain has something to do with a lower back injury. I would recommend having it checked early and don’t wait for months and months as I did. I have never had any kind of surgery in my life. This was my 1st surgery ever, and I was extremely nervous about it. However, it was sooooo worth it. It’s probably the most minimally invasive spinal surgery there is. I walked in and walked out the same day. I am now able to live a normal life again.
Charles (Chuck) Lomanto
My name is Charles (Chuck) Lomanto I have had four previous spine surgeries since 2008 and with every one I was not getting any relief finally in 2019 I was referred to Dr. Rustamzadeh and within a week I was admitted to the hospital for to repair my cervical spine and to undo the damage from the surgery done to me by one of the Monterey surgeons that was supposed to be so good but has caused me to be partially crippled and on November 23 of 2020 DR. Rustamzadeh did another repair on my neck too return my balance I am now recuperating and doing very well I can walk and enjoy my self again. I recommend Dr. Rustamzadeh
To anyone who has spine or back issues I have visited many Doctors from Stanford to Monterey county and he is by far the very best He is up front with his patients and tells you like it is . and his office staff is great they are polite and efficient and are always willing to help.. In my opinion he is the best brain and spine surgeon in central California
I can not EXPRESS enough about the Professionalism and desire to go above and beyond what is expected! I was referred to Dr. R from Dr. Harwoods office in MH. Together Dr. R with his assistant Nicole and Dr. Harwood with his assistant Melissa teamed up with an incredible effort to almost perform what I consider a miracle. For 3 years I’ve been dealing with severe lower back and leg pain. It got to wear I could hardly walk and was getting increasingly worse. It got so bad I started losing the use of my left leg and the pain from trying to deal with it and the insurance company started to take its toll. I can’t tell you the thoughts of hopelessness and just plain giving up! Well Dr.R and Nicole put in to the insurance for surgery which included Pelvic Fusion. Going in from front and rear. (The DrR. Special) and replacing discs . Mayor surgery! When expedited the insurance tried to refuse surgery by saying “We know he’s in pain it’s been 3 years. We are not going to expedite it!” That did not go over well with Nichole and DR R. I don’t know how they did it but they did. Now the problem is with the Covid 19 they were not doing surgeries unless considered an emergency ! After a few calls were made Nicole called and said one more hurdle and we will be cleared for surgery. Which I thought no way is it gonna happen! I got a a call on Wednesday saying Surgery is approved for 5 am Saturday. The day of surgery I was rolled in to my room after surgery and asked if I wanted to try standing? I stood and walked for the first time with little to no pain. Yes I was still in meds from surgery. Forward 1 1/2 months later. I no longer walk with any limp from back pain. I’m still healing and yes there is some pain but it’s a totally different pain from my body healing and building muscle again. DR. R, Nicole, Dr. Harwood (Best ortho around!) and Melissa I can say with sincerity and gratitude Thank you, you all saved my life. I will update this review as my recovery and experience with Dr. R office! I RECOMMEND 100% but if you don’t put in the work to your recovery then I don’t know if you want Dr. R. because being a great Dr. he will hold you accountable and expects you to work at your recovery! No sugar coating here! I LOVE IT!
Bob A.
My experience with Dr. Rustamzadeh and his office staff has been nothing but spectacular. I broke my neck boogie boarding and need a neurosurgeon. Dr. R was recommended by my primary care doctor. So far, after having fusion surgery I am still thrilled with the care and service I have received. They have been extremely response to my multiple calls and emails about my needs. Thanks Dr R, Nicole and staff for making this as easy as possible.
My lucky day when Dr. Edward Rustamzadeh became my doctor.
I went to the ER of Good Sam with pain on my left side and having trouble bending, etc. Dr. Rustamzadeh was the neurosurgeon on call. When he saw my cat scan he came into talk to me. He said I needed to have surgery done – that my neck was bad. I liked him immediately and felt it was my lucky day to have him operate on me. Neck surgery is kind of scary with all the nerves, etc. The day of the surgery I met one of the other doctors that would be helping him and was very impressed with him as well. He went over all that would be happening. The operating room was really something. Four huge monitors and very high tech. The operation was a success (it’s been one month now)… and I am so lucky to have had this doctor. He is awesome!!!!!
Magical man
I just had my staples removed by Dr. Rustamzadeh for my L1/l2 stenosis repair. The surgery is healed up and the debilitating symptoms in my legs, back, & hips are completely gone! The nurses, clerical staff and anathesiaologist all raved about him before and after my surgery, and you can add me to that list. This is the third spine surgery I had with Dr. Rustamzadeh: he repaired a lumbar stenosis back in 2014, and repaired three badly staph-damaged lumbar vertebrae from a botched lumbar decompression operation in 2008 (by another surgeon) in an 8-hr operation in 2015. I was in considerable pain for 7 years and was taking 5 percocets a day. After that lengthy repair I went down to ½ a day, and sometimes none. Rustamzadeh does what he says and says what he does. He diagnosed my problems correctly every time, said that he could fix them, and then proceeded to do just that. The man is a miracle worker!
Really saved my life, the best Spine Dr. ever I rate him a 5+
neck surgery
I had a broken vertebrae (C2), that was misdiagnosed at the emergency room as “stable”, although I could feel a loose bone that did not seem to be there before. Dr. Rustamzadeh reviewed my CT scan on Dec 31, spotted the issue immediately, he saw me Jan 2 in spite of a busy schedule, and 8 days later performed a fusion (C2-C3) . Everything went well. Although I am not qualified to judge his work especially just 1 month after surgery, several things tell me that I was fortunate to be directed to Dr. R. by my worker comp insurance. The personnel of the hospital seemed to have a very positive reaction when they learned who did my surgery. Dr. R. is quite well known there and respected. Dr.R. is quite efficient, straight to the point, a keen sense of time management yet careful to explain & answer questions. His administrative staff is helpful and welcoming.
He Saved my life. Outstanding Doctor/Surgeon
Omg! What a great doctor/Surgeon he is. Suffering from spinal pain for over 2 years that no other doctors were able to find. Had been to several doctors, had so many MRIs done but no one was able to determine my problem. Dr Rustamzadeh is literally a God for me. My life savor. Many thanks to him and his wonderful staff!!!
Five Stars
Straightforward and get the job done with no problem
Ton H.
Back in July, I hurt myself lifting a very heavy object. I had an unbearable radiating leg pain that caused me not able to sit, sleep, or walk. I had a hard...
Christina E.
When I was told I had to have three discs fused in my neck (C2, 3 & 4) I immediately panicked. I did not want this surgery, but had no choice. I'd heard...
Nick P.
I can not EXPRESS enough about the Professionalism and desire to go above and beyond what is expected! I was referred to Dr. R from Dr. Harwoods office in...
Araceli M.
Had a spinal disc replacement procedure done earlier this month by Dr. Rustamzadeh. He was amazing! I wasn't able to walk without having to deal with the...
Gregg Miron
First to start I have had four previous back operations two in 2005 another 2006. I was a national horse trainer for 20 years. I rode bulls. The pounding every day all day on a horse did me in yes of course getting bucked off didn't help either. I had a fusion at L3 & L4 a replacement disc at L4&L5 and L5&S1. I was good till 2010 when I got hit by a truck from behind that was my 4th back operation. So all was good. I wasn't normal but I was able to live and be with my nephew. Well then 2018 I got hit head on in an accident in Pacific Grove, California by some guy. I felt it right away went by ambulance to the hospital. My back was bad and as the year went on I got worse. Saw surgeons in the Monterey area and they said nothing was wrong and they couldn't help. Well as it happened my legs stopped working right and the pain was horrible. Finally I found Dr.Rustamzad he is a specialist of backs he figured out the problem right away. I saw him on a Thursday by Monday I was in surgery. He did such a amazing job I am walking and not taking pain meds and just getting to go to physical therapy and I am only 13 weeks out. I recommend this doctor and his staff especially Nicol . When I had questions she found the answer and was always smiling and nice. I saw 3 different surgeons say they couldn't help me. Does this sound familiar?Thank you Dr Rustamzad!! You and your staff gave me my legs back
Dennis H.
Date of surgery 05/03/2019. Sciatic nerve was being pinched due to L3 and L4 misalignment. Pain down left leg was unbearable. Had been treating flare...
June L.
Excellent Dr. and Surgeon. After many years of pain and being unable to function well, due to problems in my lower spine, (L5/S1), I feel great!He is...
Rachel V.
Hi, I went to Dr. R in 2018 I have to say I was a total mess. I had a bad neck and a bad back, after hearing from my primary doctor with results from my MRI...
Nick S.
Dr. Rustamzadeh performed a 6.5 hour posterior revision surgery on my 79 year old father on November 9th, it was a major surgery spanning eight vertebrae...
Donald B.
I had a spine operation in 2016 and walked out the same day with no pain. The folks in the hospital practically bowed down when they saw the Dr. doing my...
Austin O’Dell
My wife had a brain tumor. And stage 4’cancer Dr. R analyze and knew what needed to be done. He in informed of the risks. I was condfident with him. He had a dry sense of humor. The surgery was successful and there were no complications during recovery. He was the only doctor that followed up with my wife during her illness. I recommend Dr. Ruststamzadeh. The best.
Austin O’Dell
My wife had a brain tumor. And stage 4’cancer Dr. R analyze and knew what needed to be done. He in informed of the risks. I was condfident with him. He had a dry sense of humor. The surgery was successful and there were no complications during recovery. He was the only doctor that followed up with my wife during her illness. I recommend Dr. Ruststamzadeh. The best.
Bernadette R.
I had a double fusion on my back in 2013. I was not functional beforehand and I healed beautifully. Ge was actually my second opinion to a surgeon's very...
Sheila c.
I just left my first check up after spinal fusion , thankfully doing great ! The excruciating pain in my back is gone THANK YOU DR RUSTAMZADEH . While I...
Jenna T.
In mid-2016 I was in a car accident. For the few months following I was getting intense headaches, dizzy and falling. - and it was getting worse. The...
Debra Bastholm
Dr. Rustamzadeh is the best neurosurgeon out there. After bilateral foraminotomies, 2 neck fusions and lumbar fusion I am working full-time and absolutely no pain. I am able to do yoga and my hobby...gardening. This doctor gave me my life back and I call him the surgeon with hands of gold. I have recommended him to many and will continue to do so. Thank you Dr. R
Kathy Cleveland
I have had four different surgeries for four different problems. Three surgeries on my back and one on my brain. Dr. R is an amazing surgeon. Each different surgery has improved the quality of my life.
suresh chohan
Dr. Rustamzadeh has made an indelible impression on me and my family members.A Medical Professional: Dr. Rustamzadeh is a neurosurgeon who has a great reputation as an outstanding surgeon and is widely known far beyond the boundaries of Silicon Valley. After receiving positive feedback about him from varied medical professionals, my family and I elected to have my surgery (ACDF) performed by him. After the surgery, we realized that we couldn't have made a better decision.Bottom Line: Dr. Rustamzadeh is an amazing exceptionally gifted surgeon! The Human Aura:As Dr. Rustamzadeh's patient, I had an outstanding experience beginning with the initial consultation, all the way to my post-op checkup in his office. During the first consultation, he told me I had the option to get a shot to cope with my pain; or I could choose to have surgery. He patiently explained the details of my condition and gave me his prognosis; he answered all the questions my wife and I had. Unlike most doctors, he did not rush us or brush off any of our concerns. He also made it clear that we should take our time to think it over before I opted for surgery.On the day of surgery, on my way to the restroom, I ran into him an hour prior to being taken to the Operating Room. His bright, cheerful acknowledgment of my presence infused me with confidence; I had the warm comforting reassurance that I was definitely in the hands of a surgeon who cares; he did not view me as just another case for surgery. Dr. Rustamzadeh's personality, demeanor, and brief lighthearted conversation with me at that time had the amazing effect of replacing my anxiety with a peace and calm that comes from knowing that all will be well.Bottom Line: Dr. Rustamzadeh is charismatic and compassionate. A Stakeholder:Even after successfully completing a surgery, Dr. Rustamzadeh remains fully involved in his patient’s care. After I had been transferred from the recovery room to my own room in the hospital, Dr. Rustamzadeh (who was scheduled to perform more surgeries that day) called the nurse more than once to check on the status of my recovery and to verify that all medications were being administered appropriately. The nurse told my wife that despite his busy schedule, Dr. Rustamzadeh consistently calls for post-op updates on his patients instead of waiting to hear from her in case there is an issue. Bottom Line: Dr. Rustamzadeh values each patient as an important individual, not just another "case".A Leader: A great leader maintains a great team. Dr. Rustamzadeh holds himself to high standards, and his team of highly skilled professionals lives up to the same. In the pre-op room, I was impressed by the kindness, compassion, and thorough professionalism of all his team members.Dr. Rustamzadeh is an unassuming, humble, awe-inspiring highly skilled neurosurgeon.Dr. Rustamzadeh's Office Staff Nicole Saito:Dr. Rustamzadeh's assistant, Nicole Saito, efficiently handled the messages I left with her. I was pleased with her attention to detail in her e mail responses. Pleasant, polite, and friendly, Nicole seems to be a very knowledgeable and experienced medical assistant. It was a pleasure to interact with her while I was under Dr. Rustamzadeh's care.Rosario, who does not work directly for Dr. Rustomzadeh, often answered the phone. She has excellent telephone etiquette; it was always a delight to speak to her.
Artur T.
Dr. Rustamzadeh was a life changer for me. I had a really bad back problems for about 13 years and all the doctors wanted to prescribe opiates to mask the...
Since may of 2015, I had been experiencing weakness and numbness in both legs and numbness in two fingers in my left hand as a result of carpal tunnel.. I was diagnosed with 3 ruptured disc in my neck and had a similar issue my back causing pressure against spinal cord. In December of 2015, I had surgery on my neck and have to say Dr. R was amazing. The recovery process went very well in which I was back to work in two months. I then proceeded to have back and hand surgery October of 2016, which has also went very well. I felt a difference on the weakness of my legs within a few days after the procedure. If you are someone who is experiencing similar issues, I strongly recommend you contacting his office.
Russ V.
Definitely a 5 Star Neurologist. My wife had spinal fusion, ALIF which is fusion of several discs L4/L5 L5/S1 , transact decompression and ... well you get...