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I just had my staples removed by Dr. Rustamzadeh for my L1/l2 stenosis repair. The surgery is healed up and the debilitating symptoms in my legs, back, & hips are completely gone! The nurses, clerical staff and anathesiaologist all raved about him before and after my surgery, and you can add me to that list. This is the third spine surgery I had with Dr. Rustamzadeh: he repaired a lumbar stenosis back in 2014, and repaired three badly staph-damaged lumbar vertebrae from a botched lumbar decompression operation in 2008 (by another surgeon) in an 8-hr operation in 2015. I was in considerable pain for 7 years and was taking 5 percocets a day. After that lengthy repair I went down to ½ a day, and sometimes none. Rustamzadeh does what he says and says what he does. He diagnosed my problems correctly every time, said that he could fix them, and then proceeded to do just that. The man is a miracle worker!
Magical man